Can I bring my own alcool?

No.  We have a full license, therefore all alcool must be purchased through our bar service.   

Can I bring my own birthday cake?

Yes, you can get your cake from wherever you would like!  A service charge will apply for the cake cutting, the plates and ustensils.

Can I arrive before the booked time for a reservation to bring and leave certain items there that will be of use during the event?

It depends on the nature of the item and the availability of an attendant. Most of the time, it is possible to plan a good time to meet before the event.

Can my guests pay individually for their meals? 

No, unfortunately the fees for the rental and the meals must be paid on a single bill by the organizer, but it is possible to do so for drinks.

I have reserved the group menu for 30 people but only 20 people showed up, can I be reimbursed for the 10 3-course dinners that were prepared but not served?

Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse meals that have been prepared for your missing guests. However, all reduction in the number of guets can be ajusted until 72 hours before the date of reservation.